20 Pieces From Briggs Banjo Instructor For Uke

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Euro price: €15.46
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Composer: Rob Mackillop
Instrument: Banjo And Ukulele
Arrangement: Solo Instrument
Type: with CD
ISBN/ISMN: 9780786683314
Edition No.: 22127BCD
Cat number: 254512T
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Product Notes
20 Pieces From Briggs' Banjo Instructor Arranged for Ukulele, by Rob MacKillop. Learn fashionable and evocative tunes from 19th-century America! Originally collected for the fretless minstrel banjo, many of these tunes were taught to Tom Briggs in Southern plantations, and are the sound of a new, vibrant America. Mixing early Black banjo music, with European dances, a new popular music was born, which, in the following decades, would to mature into ragtime and jazz.
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