Complete Learn To Play Harmonica Manual + Cds

Price: £17.95
Euro price: €21.36
Dollar price: $28.72
Instrument: Harmonica
Arrangement: Harmonica
Type: with CD
ISBN/ISMN: 9781864692389
Edition No.: CP69238
Cat number: 161272H
Availability: In Stock

Product Notes
Complete Learn To Play Harmonica Manual has everything you wanted to know about harmonica playing, contained within one book. Takes you from beginner to professional level in a variety of styles as well as teaching music theory & improvisation in an interesting & practical way. Features all essential harmonica techniques applied to both solo & accompaniment playing. Uses easy-read notation specially designed for harmonica.

Just one of the many exciting Music Tutor products from our immense range of Sheet Music, Songbooks and Music Gifts for all Musicians, Teachers, Bands, Choirs, and Schools.
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