20 Celtic Fingerstyle Uke Tunes Mackillop Bk & Cd

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Dollar price: $20.78
Composer: Rob Mackillop
Instrument: Banjo And Ukulele
Arrangement: Solo Instrument
Type: with CD
ISBN/ISMN: 9780786683338
Edition No.: 22129BCD
Cat number: 254503L
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Product Notes
20 Celtic Fingerstyle Uke Tunes by Rob MacKillop. 20 favorite Scottish and Irish tunes, brilliantly arranged for fingerstyle ukulele by Rob MacKillop. Titles include such well-known session tunes as Drowsy Maggie, The Kesh Jig, The Connaught Man's Rambles and The Wind That Shakes The Barley. Rob is a master of the campanella style of ukulele fingering, which exploits the unique tuning of the ukulele, and which helps these airs, jigs and reels flow across the fingerboard effortlessly.
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