100 Vital Irish Session Tunes Mallinson

Price: £11.50
Euro price: €13.69
Dollar price: $18.40
Composer: Dave Mallinson
Instrument: All Instruments
Arrangement: Solo Instrument and Chords
Type: Book only
ISBN/ISMN: 9781899512225
Edition No.: AM405
Cat number: 200767Y
Availability: Expected Shortly

Product Notes
Mally presents 100 Vital Irish Session Tunes, with chords, suitable for all melody instruments. These tunes form the very corner stone of Irish music sessions. They crop up with such regularity that it's vital that you are able to play them. Every type of dance tune is represented: reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas, slides, slip jigs, marches, set dances, waltzes, mazurkas, flings, a varsovienne, a barn dance, a single reel and a single jig.
Content details not available at present. Please contact the Music Exchange for further details.
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